Great Feelings about Nicole Seah

A recent comparison has been made between Nicole Seah and Tin Pei Ling. Nicole Seah is the youngest candidate in this year’s General Election and she is fielded by National Solidarity Party (NSP). Tin Pei Ling is the youngest candidate fielded by People’s Action Party (PAP).

After reading up on the both of them, I feel that there is simply no fight. Pitting these two against each other, Nicole Seah will certainly triumph. The sentiments that I get from the interviews I have read is Nicole Seah is much more driven to make changes, more matured and sincere. She gives you the feeling that she has a burden for change and is determined to see it through, unlike Tin Pei Ling.

I have great feelings about her, though I am not particularly inclined towards any political party and am not staying at the GRC where she is contesting in.

All the best!

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JS’ Mum and Me

Pleasantly surprised by JS’ mum when I met her at church because she told me she had prepared a Christmas present for me! She even asked me when we can meet up for dinner.

Still remember when JS and I were still together, she would say not-so-nice things to me with a smile. Nevertheless, I still persevered and continued to be nice to her. Only when I sort of gave up and let up on the nice-ness on my side, she became much nicer to me.

These few years, she had been great! Probably because I am no longer with JS? Oh well…thinking positively, she may have realised what she is missing now! Haha!

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Button Obsession

Have you noticed some people, especially the older folks, love to press a ‘button’ such as a lift button several times at one go?

While I was standing at the taxi stand today, I saw a lady pressing the button that is linked electronically to the taxi signage that lights up so that taxis coming by would turn into the shopping mall’s taxi stand because they know there is at least one person who needs a taxi. She pressed the button many times in quick succession. It’s as if pressing the button many times quickly would send the electronic signals to the signage faster and it would transmit vibes to taxi drivers in the area to come by and pick her up! When I saw this, I started thinking about the many times I saw people pressing the lift button more than once while waiting for the lift to arrive or when they get inside the lift to go to their desired storey. So amusing!

Sometimes, it’s not that these people don’t know it doesn’t work this way. It’s already a habit. A bad habit. I can understand when old folks do that. They just need educating. old habits die hard though.

Just musing about the button-obsessed folks here. 🙂

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Chillax Sunday

A relaxed Sunday spent with my sister, Ting and Flor at Soup Spoon followed by an enjoyable musical showcase at Esplanade.

My sister’s friends had supported their friend who is the singer-songwriter, Vanessa Faith, by lending their vocals and instrumental talents at this showcase. Hence, my sister is there to show her support.

Vanessa Faith is an apprentice of Noise Singapore. Her voice is really nice and according to her biography, she is really talented! 

Vanessa Faith’s biography
Vanessa found her immense love for song composition at the age of 14 with self-taught guitar and keyboards, turning her pieces of reflective lyrics into heartfelt songs. Today, Vanessa plays the guitar, keyboards, ukulele, xylophone and harmonica, and adds colour and freshness to her music with expanded instrumentation. She believes that good music speak in ways that words fail to. She aims to release her debut EP this year.

Talented right? She can not only compose songs, she also knows how to play so many instruments! Looking forward to more great songs from this girl~

This is the link to some of her songs.

About Noise Singapore
Noise Singapore, a youth arts festival dedicated to creating noise about the creative talents of youths aged 35 and below, is an initiative of the National Arts Council. Through various platforms designed to provide youths with the opportunities to express, develop and showcase their creativity, Noise Singapore hopes to encourage young people in Singapore to actively participate and nurture their relationship with the arts, as well as get them spotted for their budding abilities.

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Home Decorating Tips

I love home decorating tips, so I am sharing something that I found online. Hope you find them of good use!

By Sunaina Anand (courtesy of PropertyGuru)

Think of home and comfort is the first thing that comes to mind, a place that exudes beauty and cosiness. However, in our attempt to make our abode beautiful, we sometimes go over the top, giving it an over-decorated museum-type, almost garish look. This year, create your own intimate space that is homey and cosy while being stylish and elegant. Here are some quick tips to give your home that extra character by using different colours, themes and decorations.

Life on the coast
In this tropical island nation, the ideal way to decorate is to follow a theme where you always feel close to the coast. Use colours inspired by the sun, sand and water, and replace tile floors with wood or stone. Create the mood with cane couches upholstered with soft fabrics, and place bamboo or palm trees on either side. For the wall, buy paintings inspired by nature to create a serene environment. Put dried flowers or potpourri in a glass bowl and place it on the coffee table. Light up the house at night with incense candles.

Country style
Think Jane Austen and the first thing that comes to mind is mansions, dark Oakwood furniture, four-poster beds, skirted table covers, handmade rugs, embroidered curtains, all oozing class and grandeur. Who wouldn’t want to decorate their home the old fashioned English way? For starters, do up your walls with wallpaper in subtle but rosy colours. Buy couches with flowery patterns and dark wood armchairs for the living room. A grandfather’s clock will help enhance the décor. Old chests and wall bookcases with brass and iron knobs can add that extra class. Fresh flowers and silver or wrought candle stands would be a good way to decorate the dining table.

Freshen up
Blend the past and the future to create a brand new level of freshness in the decor. Make your home a fantasy land, filled with a surreal ambience where you can shut out the troubles of the world. Decorate with drapes, cushions, bed covers and other knick-knacks in shades of Pearlescent White, Sea Coral Blue, Icy Mist, Lavender Secret, Pink, Violet and Gold. Escape from reality when you enter your very own vibrant fairytale land.

Small is Big
It’s all about the small touches, the little things that add character. Give your living room wall a personal touch by hanging tiny wooden frames with pictures of family and friends. You could even buy a brand new vase for the floor or the dining table and fill it up with artificial or dried flowers. Tiny decorative artifacts can do a lot to brighten up and give a new flavour to your living space, but ensure that you don’t over-do it. Too many knick-knacks can clutter and take the charm out of the decoration.

Teen theme
Plan a colourful theme for your children’s room. Buy bright printed or striped curtains and bed spreads. Decorate their study table with flowers and pictures and place colourful bean bags on the floor. Put pictures of their favourite sportsman or rock band on the wall. You could even hang an electric guitar or a baseball bat on the wall, depending on their interests.

Laid back
While fancy couches can make your home look chic and elegant, a comfortable lifestyle theme ensures that you get your quota of peace, quiet and relaxation at home. Decorate your living room with reclining chairs with printed upholstery in bright cheerful colours. You could even put hammocks by the windows to lie back, relax and take in the breeze. Bead curtains and carpets in shades of Rosy Blush, Bronze Metallic and Dark Burgundy, can do much to accentuate the theme.

Too much furniture can make the room look cramped and small. If space is of the essence, you can replace bulky couches with floor cushions and place them on a rug. Cushions in lively colours can light up your room while making it look spacious and super comfy. Keeping your home tidy and free of clutter can also give it a spacious and bright look.

Stainless steel
While all our energies are usually directed towards revamping and decorating our living area, the kitchen is often forgotten. From drab and dreary tiles to modular kitchens, today,  stainless steel makes the statement. Get stainless steel cabinets combined with vinyl flooring and make your kitchen look fresh and trendy.

The ageless antique
The colours of the past, charcoal gray, coffee, champagne, beige and a spicy red can give your home a very retro look. Classics can be styled to look trendy, while they continue to emanate an elegance of the past.  You could hang an antique door from India as artwork, or add a fresh coat of paint to antique cupboards and cabinets. Style them with drapes and upholstery in vibrant colours. So whether its classical art or war-era furniture, let these vintage pieces from the past be an inspiration for the future,

Lighting can make or break the way a house looks and feels. While ceiling lights give the home a cold feel, lamps exude warmth and coziness. Buy stylish table and floor lamps and place them in your living room and bedroom. Complement the lamps with soft textures on your furniture and drapes.  You could even buy small and delicate chandeliers with soft lights, which can create the perfect ambience for a party. Big bay windows will ensure plenty of sunlight during the day making your home bright and cheerful.

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Enjoying Performance by Gleeks in Singapore

I had thoroughly enjoyed this video. Wished I had been there! Love the way some Gleeks from the audience just popped in and joined the performers! You can tell everyone enjoyed themselves.  And…I spied my friend in the mob! Hey, Jules!

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Missing My Friends

Just had a lovely night, chatting away with Daoyi. I have missed our hang-out sessions. Coming home from it, I had sudden missing-Yiling pangs. Can’t wait for her to come back from Penang!

Missed out on lunch with Angie today…I’m starting to empathise with those who feel like they are losing their friends to their babies. Haven’t caught up with Angie properly for like, forever!

Catch up session with Angie and Yiling is in sight~! Yiling, quick come back!

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Thank God for Loving a Wretch Like Me

The love of God inspired Philip Bliss, hymnwriter, to pen:

Bearing shame and scoffing rude,
In my place condemned He stood
– sealed my pardon with His blood.
Hallelujah, what a saviour!

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Birthday at McDonald’s

All this talk about birthdays reminds me that I have never celebrated my birthday at McDonald’s. I have always been envious of others whenever they celebrate their birthdays there. Although it would seem weird to celebrate my birthday at McDonald’s now, I truly won’t mind doing so! I shall see it as a fun and spontaenous thing to do! Happy Meals for all:)

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Eating Healthily with Colours

Mind your colours when you are eating. Here are some tips I have picked up:

Red is good for your heart (red apples, tomatoes, etc.)
Green keeps your bones, teeth and muscles strong (honeydew, chye sim, kailan, etc.)
Purple gives your skin a healthy glow (purple grapes, brinjals, etc.)

Be healthy!

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