Skateboarding Crusade

ouCh! I have 4 stitches below my chin (-see picture of wounds-)…Thank God it is BELOW THE CHIN…SGH is very efficient man! Even though it is $80.00 EMERGENCY consultation…
For those who are not updated yet, I flew off my skateboard and smashed my chin on the pavement (-see flying off picture-) last night. I know it is a horrible picture there but accidents are not pretty, remember?
My ‘instructor’ (-see picture of Clement-)freaked out when I did not fly into a panic at all! Haha! So proud of myself…Not a single tear! Haha! Strong girl = stronger! Yeah!
Sigh…I should have known that hitting my shin when I tried to pop my board is an omen! Sob!!!
Oh well…for those who did not believe I skateboard (-see me on the board-) should have a change of mindset now huh? Hee…
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2 Responses to Skateboarding Crusade

  1. Unknown says:

    ok now i believe you can skate. at least u tried too. 🙂

  2. Clement says:

    You are a brave, brave little girl. And I did not freak! I was worried about you! Cos I knew that it would come to stitches but I didn\’t want to scare you that\’s why I didn\’t tell you initially! Ah well, I guess this marks the end of your skateboarding career. This is the second time something bad has happened to you as the indirect result of my negligence. I should just stay away from you. Maybe I will once your chin has completely healed but now I just don\’t want to leave you alone. You MUST call me if it hurts or it\’s uncomfortable or anything like that, k?? Oh hey, maybe you could do a before and after thingy if we take some photos of the injury after tomorrow. Anyhoo, all the best with projects and everything. Can I put a link to your blog on my website?

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