Movies (The Guardian and Step Up) and shopping

I can finally settle down and update my withered blog. This is going to be a long one…
It has been a lil’ over a week since the end of my exams and it has been a quick transition!
Straight after my last paper, I got to enjoy myself immensely with my uni friends at Fish and Co. and the new Cathay place (I can’t rem wat itz called) next to P.S. Us girls set about ordering so much tt it seems more than what the guys are eating! At the end of it all at Fish and Co, we even managed to get a set of calamari on the house, thanks to Terence! Well, not that I benefited since I am not that into calamari…BUT the girls convinced me to try mussels for the 1st time that night! It was not as bad as I thought it would be…
Anyway, we were supposed to go Minds Cafe (I have never been there!) but in the end, some of us (me!) were just too full and lazy to be hyped up about board games…so we went to catch a movie in the end. IT WAS A GOOD CHOICE as the movie we caught was fantastic! Coreen even teared, as promised/predicted! Haha! I seriously recommend you guys to watch The Guardian!
Been excitedly anticipating Step Up, I was a lil’ let down yesterday after watching it with Valiant and Yin Tze (my Scriptwriter/Director and Stage Manager respectively) as it is not as good as Honey. It is of course, not a bad show at all. I am baffled by the female lead’s physique though…When she wears long tops, it looks as if she has a huge bulging tummy but when she shows her midriff, it is super toned! I think she has too many muscles!
Enough with movie reviews, let’s do a lil’ update with my shopping.
As Clarins had a sale, my colleagues at John Little were attracted to it like moths to a flame so I became equally excited too. In the end, I got 3 products at $160+ for the value of over $200! Since I’ve never used Clarins, I excitedly introduced my new buys to Valiant, Yin Tze, my sister and mum thereafter at night.
Along with my mum and sister, I went to Queesway to shop for sports shoes today…finally! In the end, we each bought a pair from the very nice lady at Sports Interlink…altogether 3 pairs!
All right, I shall continue to be a good temp employee and earn money to pay for my desires!
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  1. Clement says:

    Tell me about Clarins..

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