Great rehearsal

I JUST have to put this down…
I had a great rehearsal today! We had a run-through today and it was fantastic as it felt more cohesive and well-paced. It also gave us a good view of how our act is gonna be. It is also the first time in soooooo many weeks that all four actors were present. Valiant (director/scriptwriter) is super happy…I think Yin Tze (stage manager) is happy too! Haha…
Loved the new additions to Desmond’s monologue…spice it up! Anvita and I were dynamic in tt Mean Girls scene! Haha…or Friends? Oh…whatever…We just love it, don’t we?
And…our publicity poster is done up! Haha…I shall not reveal it here…Hopefully, Valiant can come through for me on tt ‘favour’!
Something in this book (The Real Deal: Unscripted) I recently read accurately describes my feeling at rehearsal today. "It wasn’t the applause that made me feel whole. It was the work. It was making something feel complete…This was what it was about. Not the adulation, but just getting it right, putting it together." (Kaye 2004, p130)
I am satisfied.
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