Update in Times of Exams

It has been a long time since I last updated so here I am, stopping by.
Just a note regarding my entry: Tears…I am ok now so dun worry abt me yeah? Many thanks to all of you who had expressed your concern for me! It was just a dull and depressing period which got me at the right place and right time to wallow in all the bad stuff…
On a happier note, I have been in touch with God on a more frequent basis now and am able to identify his messages recently. An important message just came by and I will update you guys about it soon as I need to touch base with a few people about it first.
Amazing as it may seem to others, I went to watch 200 Pound Beauty on the day right before SQ exam! It was a predictable plot but the acting, editing and filming techniques make it a great show. The cast’s acting added meat to the predictable plot and was touching. I cried a lot…Haha! The editing and filming techniques not only added the glam factor but also the realistic factor to the show.
I am missing Mamma Lucia and Esmirada…Sigh…As long as I save up enough, I am going to eat there!!
With my exams ending on 8th May, I can’t wait for my chalet with my SIM friends on 9th May, gathering with Farah and Cynthia, massage at Reflections and facial at Bioskin! AHHHH!!
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