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Review of Blades of Glory

Just watched Blades of Glory instead of Priceless because of lack of seats…I was originally greatly disappointed though Blades of Glory is on my to-watch list. I was all hyped up to watch Priceless!   Blades of Glory turned out … Continue reading

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Kissed by the Sun

I went to Sentosa yesterday and gladly thanked God for the positive change in weather, making it possible for us to enjoy ourselves. If the pelting rain had continued, we would not have been able to have fun. If the … Continue reading

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Reviews of 251 and Phantom of the Opera

The crazy month of April has finally ended and hopefully, my bank account will start to beef up soon. Watching 3 plays in a month is no joke when you are living on a shoestring…   251, recommended by Terence, was … Continue reading

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Melbourne Studies

To all who have heard about mine going to Melbourne to finish off my last semester, after notifying those I have to inform in person, I am cleared to inform you that I am no longer going over to Melbourne. … Continue reading

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Being Brought Down

I am a lil’ brought down by the recent incidents of misunderstanding and letdown.   Being misunderstood for my intentions is not a good feeling, moreover by someone I do care about.   Being let down by a close friend … Continue reading

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