Reviews of Shooter, Priceless, Spider-Man 3, Next, Pirates of the Carribean: At World’s End, Shrek 3

Here they are, all at once!
Fantastic show! Great plot with good looks and conspiracy mixed with awesome action! Mark Walberg’s swift mind and moves are so impressive in the show that it is ooooh-inducing! I love this type of guys!
Beautiful girl with gorgeous dresses with doses of true love. Cliche but nice show! For the record, I absolutely deem the guy as charming and not handsome!
Spider-Man 3
I kinda like the ending…Amidst all the loophoes, it is how it is because it is a comic hero show!
I think the director has vision in the way he created the ending though it is startling. I think it is a good show.
Pirates of the Carribean: At World’s End
The ending makes it all work out in a way that you feel it is good and at the same time, bad! Bitter-sweet love…
Shrek 3
I love the ending! Happy show with of course, a happy ending!
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