Ting’s birthday and stuff

Hi guys, I have been too busy ever since I came back from Perth to update this space (pardon my pun). Just came home from one of my best friend’s BBQ birthday party…tired but happy because my darling girl is in bliss! Hope to get the photos soon…I’m going to post a few photos that I took in Perth here in case the Photo function load too slowly…A few memorable things in Perth:
– I saw Perth’s most expensive house (highest value). I have posted it together with this entry for your viewing pleasure. It is currently valued at AUD83 million whereas it took AUD3 million and 5 years to build it.
– Although Fremantle is a port just like Singapore, it is such a laid-back seaside place which is as opposite as it can be from Singapore.
– I saw the World’s Laziest Pelican because in the few hours I was at the area, the pelican did not move from its cozy little place at all whereas the seagulls and swans were having a crazy time of their own.
– Margaret River Chocolate Factory has super-licious chocolates and I regret not buying more!
– I wish I can buy back more wine…It is sooooooo cheap and nice!!!
Back to Singapore…
I went to have Swensens’ with Ziyang today and after ordering Topless 5 (Sticky Chewy Chocolate, Ol’ Fashioned Vanilla and Chocolate Freckles), we had a moment of inspiration and came up with this lame/mushy/witty lines…Haha!
*Chocolate Freckles for the freckled me*
*Ol’ Fashioned Vanilla for the ol’ fashioned him*
*Sticky Chewy Chocolate to keep us sticky and chewy*
Apparently, much things have happened in the lil’ time I was away at Perth and I am really sad that I was not there for my those in need (even if they did not feel that it is a ‘need’). What’s done (or not done) cannot be undone (or done)…But I’ll keep up!
Recently, I heard a lot about others’ relationships and I feel for them but there is frankly nothing much I can do except to let them know that I care and will be here whenever they need me. There are some ‘stories’ that I have heard that makes me feel sorry for them…wondering why girls are so stupid at times. Guess it’s just love…
Ooh…I have attended my first OCS Commissioning Parade! So exciting! All those neat rows of cadets (about to become Officers) with much-rehearsed moves really impressed me. The funniest part was when they started singing! The audience was taken aback and soon after, everyone was clapping along to the songs that were sung with much gusto! Here’s three cheers for my dear friend who is officially an Officer now and thanks for inviting me! *Hip, Hip, Hurray* (Is this how three cheers go? I suddenly can’t remember! Haha!)
My timetable for the next semester is out and my classes are all in the morning which seriously suck! Hope my darling morning calls will work! But in all seriousness, I am absolutely excited about the starting of school! There are all the lunches, outings and school fun to look forward to…TL, you will play Bingo with me right?! My dearest Coreen is in New York! Soooooo envious! Quick quick come back!
Ting & Flor, looking forward to our triple date!
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3 Responses to Ting’s birthday and stuff

  1. Weixiong says:

    Maybe the pelican has a huge beak to catch lots of fishes so that\’s why it\’s sitting there digesting it\’s meal? 🙂 Nice pics btw!

  2. ting says:

    dear vivien girl~ ahaha.. thanks for coming to my party and made the day a memorable one! thanks for taking pictures.. love ya girl! looking forward to our triple date toO! wahah..

  3. Vivien says:

    Thanks! Perth sure is a nice place. No matter what, it is a pelican that is due to become a fossil seeing the way it just stays at its spot…Haha!

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