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A song by my sister and I

人生 Verse 1: F                  C/E 人生时常很忙碌 Dm               Am/C 心却感到很空虚 Bb               F    Dm 我是否有想过 Gm                            C 他使我生命有方向 Verse 2: F                  C/E 人生充满苦与优 Dm                   Am/C 也会感到很无助 Bb               F       Dm 我千万不要忘记 Gm                   C 他是生命之王 Chorus:              F 有一位神          Am7/E     Dm 他是个全能的神      … Continue reading

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Relationships are torturous on emotions, playing roller-coaster with your heart, so why do people yearn for them?Why tie yourself to someone and give him/her the right to hurt you when you are free and happy being single?Michelle once said that … Continue reading

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Reviews of Surf’s Up and Die Hard 4.0

Surf’s Up’s chicken dude is cute! As Michelle pointed out which I totally agree, the chicken is really acting like a surfer. He is so laid-back and happy-go-lucky. A surfer who just wants the waves…Cool! Watching the show makes me … Continue reading

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Irritating Security Guard

Just came back from watching Die Hard 4.0. A security guard who got on my nerves previously spoke to me again when I came back just now.   Security Guard (SG): U a Japanese? Me: Japanese? No… SG: Chinese? Me: … Continue reading

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