what’s a companion for
when he is not there
when u needed him the most
i’m sorry i stung u
but u hit me first
and yet, u din even know
they say u are petty
but i ain’t affected
‘coz i already knew
u ain’t calling
coz u are waiting
but u noe i ain’t gonna call
they are worried
but i ain’t expecting
‘coz i already knew
heart broken unexpectedly
tears dropped unwillingly
and yet, u din even know
both butterflies
with wings unclipped
flying alone
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One Response to Abandonment

  1. Zi says:

    a butterfly in flighta flower so brightnectar so sweetit can\’t resistthe butterfly landsthe flower standsthe process was sweetboth parties knows itthe butterfly carelessand hurts the flowerbut the flower kept stillit kept so slientthe surroundings turnfrom bright to darkthe butterfly was stubornnot knowing whats upthe area gets smallthe butterfly looks up"alas! its a venus flytrapand its tearing me apart"the butterfly strugglesthe butterfly flounderthe butterfly cries"what have I done?"the flower snapsthe flower devoursthe flower kept stillit kept so slient

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