2nd Prize!

My Company’s Dinner just ended and I won 2nd prize!
It is the exact thing I had prayed to God for and with a want for just the 2nd prize and not the 1st prize, I got it! I really wanted a bigger TV and here it is, in my house! 32" Wide LCD TV that Kenny had to haul it off the stage for me and Daoyi lugging it to the Lobby for my parents to pick us up. God really provides, when it is in His will for you to have. I gave up hoping once at a nail-biting moment but a thought hit me that I should have faith in God, whom I have prayed to about getting it so I prayed about it again. Moments later, my name was called!
*Gleeful me*
Many thanks to Kenny for utmost belief in mine winning one of the top prizes, and both Kenny and Daoyi for being there for me and my prize!
My poor Manager is running a fever today and missed out on such a spectacular night whereby every single one of our department’s employees won something. Hope she will get better soon!
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