Really Need to Get Out More

The fact that I have been spraying more of my Ralph Lauren Blue than Elizabeth Arden Fifth Avenue recently, should have indicated to me that I am in need of a relaxed day spent by the sea. I had a craving to go to Sentosa tomorrow and irritating TL said I should have planned it earlier. What is craving?! It is supposed to be last minute, you chicken mcnugget! I haven’t seen him in ten thousand years and when finally, I see him at Gideon’s KTV birthday celebration, he bit my head off when I asked him an innocent question. Chicken mcnugget!
I miss hanging out with TL and Coreen. The number of my late-night rendezvous with Coreen has been dramatically reduced due to her lacking of a car now. Wish I can drive competently so my parents would allow me to drive on my own…then I can continue the late-night rendezvous with Coreen!
I am glad that I am able to meet up with Michelle and Cat often. Otherwise, I think I will turn a paler shade of white (inside joke with Terence) as I spend more and more time at home with fewer and fewer friends to meet.
Well, I am just glad that I have Michelle and Essy to enjoy the waves and sea breeze with tomorrow. Sentosa, here I come!
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