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Increasing Levels of Happiness

As I was updating myself with my girlfriends’ blogs, which I do once in a hundred years, I realise I am drifting away from their lives. Don’t really know how this exactly happens, except that I have to attribute it … Continue reading

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Restaurant Two

Darling just told me that he is going to celebrate his birthday this Friday at Brisbane’s most atas restaurant, or so he was told. The restaurant is called Restaurant Two. He sent me the URL and it indeed looks sophosticated. … Continue reading

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Wine and Perfume Bottles

There has always been something about wine bottles that I find extremely sexy. Perhaps, it is the portion where the body starts to curve into the neck. I have no idea what but I have all along found wine bottles … Continue reading

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Revival of Social Life

Plans are in the making for the revival of my social life, with my big event – Family Day over. My family and friends came to support this event that I have organised from scratch, together with my Manager of … Continue reading

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Butt Itchy for Travelling

Under the Tuscan Sun is not a fantastic show though it certainly has great actors but I just love Italy…and Italian. It is one of the 3 languages that I have decided to pursue in this lifetime. Can’t wait to start … Continue reading

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‘Surprise’ Flowers

Darling sent flowers to my office yesterday but it was not really a surprise as the ‘transport company’ already called me on Sunday to check if I will be in office from 9am – 1pm. Nevertheless, it is a gorgeous … Continue reading

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The Very White Bling Bling Party

Still exhausted from last night’s party at Zouk…Lots of babes and guys in white, or rather glowing blue since it was all under UV light. I seemed to have drunk more than I danced which is not the norm for me. Learnt … Continue reading

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Ultimate Joke

Something happened yesterday and I keep telling myself that I must blog it.   I have this friend. Let’s call him "A" to save him much much embarrassment. We were talking on MSN and my MSN nick was as follows:- "Flair … Continue reading

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