The Very White Bling Bling Party

Still exhausted from last night’s party at Zouk…Lots of babes and guys in white, or rather glowing blue since it was all under UV light. I seemed to have drunk more than I danced which is not the norm for me. Learnt about a drink called "Nothing"…3 tiers of "Nothing" to go around. Smelled like pastries…Weird but not lethal so I downed shot after shot since it was an easy drink. It got me warm and red quickly though.
As usual, I got tipsy and not drunk. There must be something wrong with my body system because I go straight to sleep mode after tipsy, never arriving at drunk mode. The worst I have gotten so far would probably be my MOS trip with my colleagues or perhaps, my India trip. Although I have never gotten drunk before (my definition being not able to remember things the next day and most likely did stuff really out of character), I certainly wouldn’t want to be because I reckon it is very scary as it is out of your control.

Caught up with a number of council mates and met new people. Zoee and Daphne were looking hot as usual, and met a cool girl with a name to match, Iyin. Lots of clutching and hugging since we were unsteady on our feet. Haha…Terence don’t even remember saying bye to me and Ericia chatted up an Austrian guy whom I have to admit is photogenic. I do hope Adam and Yoong Yih (my new friends from Acting Workshop) enjoyed themselves.

Hugs and kisses to my lovely friends who were out to have fun!
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