‘Surprise’ Flowers

Darling sent flowers to my office yesterday but it was not really a surprise as the ‘transport company’ already called me on Sunday to check if I will be in office from 9am – 1pm. Nevertheless, it is a gorgeous arrangement of flowers in a vase and though I don’t like the smell of flowers, I absolutely love receiving them!
I have certainly been on the good side of Cupid recently. Hee…Thank you, darling!
Me and my flowers…creative direction and photography mostly by Lenny.
One spot for the flowers…
…another spot here!
My prized flower arrangement
So delish, I feel like taking a bite out of it!
My baby…
Feminine me?
Wish I am at Maldives instead of in office…
I am actually adverse to the smell of flowers. The sacrifice I go to to get diverse shots!
Blissful me
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