Revival of Social Life

Plans are in the making for the revival of my social life, with my big event – Family Day over. My family and friends came to support this event that I have organised from scratch, together with my Manager of course. It is such satisfaction to see something come to fruition due to my effort put in. I really appreciate my loved ones taking time from their busy schedules to drop by my event. Warmth and bliss, surrounds me. Many thanks, my dearies!
Let me list my upcoming social events (not for my work):
1) I am going to catch up with my girls, Ting and Flor, this Friday over KTV. Hope I fully get my voice back then!
2) TL is going to help me get tickets for The Vagina Monolgues as he has SAFRA card which has discount entitlement. Once darling Terence is done with his reservist, we can meet up for the play on 12 October! What stupid reservist so long…at least 6 of us will be able to catch up, together with Carol’s Ian, who brings the number to 7. Haha…
3) Most likely, I am going to finally catch Wall-E on Wednesday with my colleagues. I heard that the only words Wall-E can say are "Wall-E" and "Eva", and yet a beautiful story can be painted. Pixar is really fantastic at what it does.
4) Mamma Mia is opening on 18 Sep and Vicky Cristina Barcelona on 26 Sep. My movie urges are brimming over.
5) Budak Pantai is finally having a performance again. They astounded me the first time and I can’t wait for this upcoming sensation! Going once again with my SIM mates on 26 Sep…sheer A Capella enjoyment!
6) I am going to watch "Boom" with my sister at DBS Arts Centre. Hope it is a good play.
Just listing all these down makes me feel alive again! Woohoo!
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