Increasing Levels of Happiness

As I was updating myself with my girlfriends’ blogs, which I do once in a hundred years, I realise I am drifting away from their lives. Don’t really know how this exactly happens, except that I have to attribute it all to everyone’s busy schedule. However, I think it all depends on individual’s desire to meet up with whom at her minimal free time. I must start to make more of an effort to meet up wih my girls. Perhaps, I shall hook them up with another dose of Jazz by the Beach. Kenny is also interested in it. We shall see how this can pan out.
Amidst the reading, I also realise I am not in possession of a lot of photos…like those for convocation! I have to make sure I get them from Michelle asap. Otherwise, I will forget all about it again.
There was some talk on happiness in Michelle’s blog. It reminded me of what I heard on the radio when I was on my way home from rehearsal. Yas on Class 95 was giving tips on increasing your level of happiness which are kind on your pocket. I managed to catch two tips…
1. Tweak your routines from time to time so that they become more novel which will create positive emotions in you.
2. Eat with your food placed on white plates as the white enhances the hues of your food, creating more happiness in you when you ingest.
Methinks spontaneity is a catalyst for increasing one’s level of happiness.
I did something spontaneous after rehearsal just now. After Adam and I had our dinner/supper at Clementi Mac, I had a craving for Lime Ice Cream aka Solero! We trooped to the nearest 7-Eleven, thinking that NTUC has closed. Disappointed to see that this 7-Eleven does not have Solero in stock, we (or rather, I) walked in the direction of NTUC dejectedly. Hearts lifted suddenly upon noticing that NTUC was still open. After checking it out and realising that it only sells in packs of 6 Soleros, I was really pouting. I hate it when my cravings are not satisfied and this is bad as I always have lots of cravings.
Being adamant to have my Solero, I was complaining about Clementi only having one 7-Eleven when Adam mentioned there is another 7-Eleven on the opposite side of the Central area. AhHH! Off we go! Me in my heels and Adam with his badminton racket, we were united with one purpose. Solero! That first lick was a triumphant one.
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