Today (Yesterday) is 2 November and you have left for Taiwan. When I was bathing yesterday (the day before), I suddenly realised it was 1 November and wanted to wish you bon voyage via SMS today (yesterday) but your wife won’t be happy about that so I thought of penning my thoughts here. I hope your married life will be a blissful and meaningful one, especially since your first steps as a married couple is in a foreign land.
I’m sure you will treat her really well, just like how you treated me in the past (until we had that huge problem). You said that you tell her everything but I guess you don’t tell her your little quirks which she would need to find out on her own. Perhaps, she has known most or all of them by now. Like how you don’t like your ears to be pulled or face to be touched. If her favourite flavour is strawberry too, it will be great. Otherwise, I’m sure you will just order her favourite everytime or let her think her favourite is also your favourite. I don’t think she will buy you Moisture White hydration mask for your face but it really worked for you so you should get it on your own. I reckon Taiwan has The Body Shop too. Oh, she may buy other products for you and they may work just as well.
You always know how to take care of others and not yourself. I still remember that you would scrimp and save in your daily life to buy me stuff, bring me out and treat me to fine dining. It also comes to mind that there was only once in the 3 years + that we were together which you did not send me home after being out together. It just so happened that I fell sick on the way back and you felt so bad about it, you made it a point to always send me back, no matter how tired or busy you are.
Don’t smoke too much and work too hard. You are capable, intelligent and smart but learn to give yourself a break sometimes. Whether you work yourself to exhaustion or not, you will still succeed in life. This is something that I will never doubt. You wanted to be an Officer and you have achieved that. Like I told you, I was so proud of you that I wanted to give you a hug but your then-girlfriend would be even more displeased. You wanted to earn lots of money and you are doing that now. I always remember you telling me, "Instead of thinking of ways to save that few cents, think of ways to earn that few cents." I have always been telling mummy in the past that I don’t need someone who is rich to be my boyfriend but someone whom I know will be rich in future because he is capable. I have that faith in you.
Your wife has been devoted and patient all this while. Love her with all your heart and she will be a very lucky girl. Be glad that you have found someone at this phase in your life who loves you this much. Our lives crossed paths with each other too early but memories are precious and I will cherish them. You are after all, my first love.
Take care.
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