End of Blood Ties

After some breathing time, I can blog about the completion of my recent production, Blood Ties.
Being a bigger-scale production, we have more people in cast and crew. I love these talented people and regret that we didn’t have as much time to interact and bond as we would love to have. Thank you very much for giving your all for the production, esp my lovelies who acted with me in my two plays; Atalia, Ash, Varian, Yoong Yih, Regina and Daniel. No matter how mentally and physically draining, it was a great experience.
Be in touch, guys~!
A very big thank-you to all my dearies and your special ones (Daddy, Mummy, Vignette, Ziyang, Coreen, TL, Michelle, Gideon, Terence, Crystal, Celine, Laitin, Lenny, Daoyi, Susan, Angie, Susan, Ting, Zixian, Flor, Jianming, Stacy and Peng) who came to support my show. Very much appreciated…
Signing off, Mo Li Hua
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