Just read Ting’s blog and feel a little nostalgic now. She has sold her Jurong flat and bought one at Cantonment. Her Jurong flat holds many memories…we always hang out at her house during secondary school days, partly because her mum doesn’t like to have her ‘roaming about’ outside and partly because her family is hospitable. Goodbye, Jurong flat…
Gonna have a golfing date with Darling at my Club later. Hee…See if I can hit my ball!
Notes about my Countdown Party:
My Shimmering Countdown Party was quite spectacular because of all the fun energy that was crackling at the venue. I’m really glad we pulled it off and have such great reviews. Even my colleague from the gym also heard about how good it was! Fantastic work, if I may say so myself. Haha! I absolutely love my Manager and counting down together was great. I don’t take part in those countdown parties outside so counting down at work with people I adore is not sad to me at all, contrary to what others may think. Of course, it would have been even better if I could count down with my darling…
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