A Year for Holidays!

My ‘sprained’ wrist is taking a damn long time to heal. The bandage’s off but it still hurts and feels fragile, as if it’s telling me it can’t carry heavy stuff. Sian…
I’m super looking forward to my cruise holiday though. Lounging on the sunbed, with the company of the sun, breeze and a book. Admiring the stars in the open sea while snuggled up with a blankie as the wind howls. Delightful indeed.
Ooh…I shall take this chance to break in the present that Jingsong’s mum got me for christmas/birthday last year.
Can put my important cards, cash and stuff…Hoho! So excited! Armed with my new hat and bikinis, I’m ready!
Speaking of Jingsong’s mum…we chatted in church again today. Asked her if Jingsong’s home for CNY but apparently, he can’t come back coz he’s only been there for 3 months (didn’t realise he has only gone there for 3 months as it felt longer than that). Anyway, Auntie mentioned that instead, she may be going there in May and asked if I wanna go along!! OMG…I nearly fainted…told her not to ask me to do such a ‘scary’ thing coz I was too stunned by the suggestion to come up with a more apt adjective but my point was sort of put across (though I don’t think she agrees with me). How can I possibly go with her?! Anyway, Jingkuang and Caiyun may be going too. Even if it’s not awkward, I would also be very ‘extra’. Hmmm…everyone is partnered up…maybe Auntie wants to partner me. Wahaha! It may get a little boring for her when the 2 couples are getting all lovey-dovey. Hee…ok…shall not visualise lovey-dovey scenarios.
Nevertheless, Taiwan is still under consideration for our SIMmies’ oversea trip which reminds me that I need to make a decision as everyone is so ”anything”. With 27 days of leave and many off-in-lieu, it’s a year for holidays! Woohoo!
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2 Responses to A Year for Holidays!

  1. Esther Favoured says:

    27 DAYS OF LEAVE?!?!?!wooooooooooooooow.this is yr year babe! (:

  2. Vivien says:

    yup! uber cool rite? wahaha!

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