Loving Spontaneity

Don’t you love doing things spontaneously? Having spur-of-the-moment ideas which are crazy?
I went clubbing with my colleagues on Thursday and it was organised during lunch. This bout of spontaneity got us a group of 5 persons in total and though St James was not crowded, it was enjoyable. Apparently, it doesn’t matter if people danced or not as I am able to dance on my own because I had a good group of people with whom I am comfy with.
Yesterday, I went to have dinner at East Coast with my member and omg…the food was delish!! You have to try it for yourself in this little authentic Perenakan shophouse. The restaurant is called Perenakan Inn, along East Coast Road. It is the same road whereby you can find the famous Katong Antique House, Rumah Bebe and Kim Choo dumplings and museum.
The spontaneous thing about yesterday was that I decided to go to Changi Airport when I was supposed to take the Joo-Koon bound train from Tanah Merah after splitting from my member. Many of my friends would know I love going to the airport. I ended up buying lots of stuff from Candy Empire, almost bought a ring from Mini Bits and got quite fed up trying to see aeroplanes from the viewing mall at Terminal 3. If I knew the viewing mall at T3 is like that, I would have gone to my favourite T1 viewing mall.
Do not spurn crazy ideas borned out of nowhere as those add spice to your life with the novel touch of spontaneity. xoxo
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