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Recent Birthday Celebrations

Spending time with people you hold close to your heart is something worth treasuring, what more it is their birthdays!   For Daoyi and Bernard’s birthday celebration, we were off to Party World and St James. A few days beforehand, … Continue reading

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Aussie & NZ Goodies

Just got started on the alcoholic chocolate that Ziyang got for me from Aussie. OMG…it has a lot of alcohol in that one little piece of chocolate! I had to stop at just one for the night. It is a … Continue reading

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It’s Time for a Holiday Again!

Angie suggested going to either Batam or Bintan for a short holiday. Bernard and Angie asked me to go to the swim camp in Malaysia with them. My body is indeed aching for a holiday! The holiday I need is a … Continue reading

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Littering in Thailand

Perhaps, I am a brainwashed young Singaporean. Perhaps, I am just nice. Why, you ask? Because I don’t litter.   When I see someone litter (I observe this person tends to be either an older Singaporean or a foreiger), I … Continue reading

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