Aussie & NZ Goodies

Just got started on the alcoholic chocolate that Ziyang got for me from Aussie. OMG…it has a lot of alcohol in that one little piece of chocolate! I had to stop at just one for the night. It is a lovely package though, because it has many different types of alcohol inside the box, with each chocolate shaped as a bottle of alcohol.
I am still working on finishing the Bundaberg Rum Fudge. It is so rich that you can’t have many at one go, but it is really good!
Of course, I am still using the delightful kiwi body lotion from NZ. I would recommend it as the smell is light and ‘gorgeous’, and it gets absorbed by your skin easily because it is not too creamy. Now, my problem is…when will I be able to finish my body lotions?! My Victoria’s Secret is also being suspended because I seem to fall asleep more easily with the kiwi one.
Hmm…speaking of alcohol, I seem to be drinking much more these days. Clubbing with my colleagues, chilling out with Zhengwei, chilling out with Golf, drinking with members…not good…
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