Recent Birthday Celebrations

Spending time with people you hold close to your heart is something worth treasuring, what more it is their birthdays!
For Daoyi and Bernard’s birthday celebration, we were off to Party World and St James. A few days beforehand, I saw a toga top in a mesmerising blue at Mango. I had to buy it and where else to debut it other than the party?! It was a messy night because we had about 20 persons at St James. There were lots of drama; people emo-ing, people tipsy-platform-dancing-almost-fall-off-but-still-don’t-wanna-come-down, people dancing hotly to get people to buy drinks, people drunk coma-ing, drunk hugs and kisses, drunk threats and people on standby in case of fights.
For Gideon’s, we had the best tiramisu (IMO) at da paolo gastronomia at Cluny Court, followed by dinner at La Petite Cuisine at Serene Centre. You gotta try La Petite Cuisine for its French cuisine on almost-shoestring budget. Ooh-la-la! The wholegrain mustard and butter rice is the ultimate combination. Oh…I just realised I have not recommended my favourite tiramisu here before! I have been doing so recently and even ended up having it for dessert during lunchtime with my colleagues today. It is a must-try and most likely, you will fall in love with it, just like me! Cluny Court (aka Curly Court according to Gideon) is also such a little gem. If you love colonial, Victorian, parisian and baroque, I figure you have a taste like mine, and will like Cluny Court and its little shops (and toilets).
xoxo, Glutton Girl
who had tiramisu and Awfully Chocolate’s ice cream for lunch’s dessert(s) today…
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