Yesterday was the day I encountered my first car accident. I was a passenger in a cab and as girls usually do, I’m not looking at the road while getting comfy in the seat. Suddenly, Uncle e-braked and inertia caused the strain in my neck from Yoga to worsen. Sigh…I wonder if I should see a doctor. Anyway, back to the story…
Even after the e-brake, the car was still on the move and hit the car in front because the cab was moving at a fast speed on the highway. It was a chain accident with my cab being the last car. The accident was not a serious one and everyone was civil about it. They just spoke, took pictures and made phone calls. It was rather an eye-opener. As usual, my reaction to shock was excitement due to adrenaline. Just like when I smashed my chin on the pavement when I was skateboarding. Haha!
I want to send a message to all of you who read my blog; Strap Seatbelt! It’s so simple and important yet not many do it. It saved me from injuries. Thank God!
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