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25 December 2009 has passed and I thank God for all the blessings he has bestowed upon me this year. I am also immensely happy that I have finally been baptised.   A few years ago, we agreed to do it … Continue reading

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The World of Movies

I’m so proud of The Hangover as it has become the 5th highest grossing film of the box office in 2009. For a film that was not all hyped up before the screening, I’m so unimaginably enthralled with it. It … Continue reading

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Virus Boo Boo

Chin up, Vivien! Virus, go away! Lethargy, phelgm, cough and sore throat, off you go!   I got to be good and raring to go tomorrow because I have lots to do in office. Can’t be helped…I’m indispensable. Haha! At … Continue reading

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Strolling around in a shop just now, I heard 童话 being piped through the system. The heartache I felt when you sang me this song after the incident with her flooded back. I never had such strong resistance to a song … Continue reading

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Food Craving

I have a craving! Chocolate eclair from Delifrance!

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Music I’m Into Now

~ Trouble is a Friend By Lenka ~ Wei heard this in HMV and he liked it. Now, it’s another Lenka’s song that I’m hooked on. Haha! Ber ber is still obsessed with "The Show".   ~ Hot & Cold … Continue reading

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Making Plans

Making birthday celebration plans with my friends and colleagues now…Smiles all around!

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