Music I’m Into Now

~ Trouble is a Friend By Lenka ~
Zhen Wei heard this in HMV and he liked it. Now, it’s another Lenka’s song that I’m hooked on. Haha! Ber ber is still obsessed with "The Show".

~ Hot & Cold By Katy Perry ~ 
Back to listening to this song again…I was so into the song months back! Zhen Wei thinks she is pretty. Hmm…I think this observation is circumstantial. Haha!
~ Smile By Lily Allen ~ 
Another singer who was talent-spotted from myspace. The overlaying music is not overpowering and the melody is intriguing.
~ Lucky By Jason Mraz & Colbie Caillat ~ 
Love love love this song! The lyrics are heartening too. Everyone’s partner in life should also be his/her best friend. That will be lasting love.
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