The World of Movies

I’m so proud of The Hangover as it has become the 5th highest grossing film of the box office in 2009. For a film that was not all hyped up before the screening, I’m so unimaginably enthralled with it. It is a tawdry tale of the ultimate Vegas bachelor party gone wrong, for those of you who do not know of this movie. Tawdry as it may, it was done so well. Cheers to the director, film editor, scriptwriter and actors!
On this note, I would also like to note down my sadness with the knowledge of Brittany Murphy’s passing. She was a good actress and as bimbotic as this may sound, she sported the same haircut as me in her character in 8 Mile. After I got my hair cut, the movie came out and I not only loved the show, I loved the fact that she had the same haircut as me! Really down because I loved her…the world has lost another good actor.
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