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Thank You

Dear Heavenly Father,   I thank you for creating the trees, plants, flowers, clouds and all beautiful things. For the breath of life you blew into me, I thank you. It is this that allows me to witness the magnificent … Continue reading

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Thirty Two at the Mansion

      According to Yi Ling, more and more classy restaurants installed in colonial houses are popping up in Penang. Thirty Two at the Mansion is one of them. Situated somewhere along North Beach, this beautiful restaurant is a fine dining one that … Continue reading

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Afternoon Tea at Axis Bar and Lounge

Afternoon Tea at Axis Bar and Lounge…so heavenly looking and according to my sister, heavenly tasting too. 🙂 I can’t believe I’m so out of luck with Axis. Weeks after my sister went for the first time and gave such … Continue reading

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Daydreams of Future Home…Again.

I can’t wait to have my home so that I can decorate the clean slate with my decisions. A childhood dream, this is. While surfing the net, I found the following which are interesting but not my style. Interesting enough … Continue reading

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Love Letters

  I utterly love what Wisma did with their marketing campaign this round. Every email blast they send will have a heading of "What We Want:" vs "What Women Want:". This time round, women want love letters. Haha! Indeed. The ad … Continue reading

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Disturbing Headlines

  Indian national gets 17 years, 12 strokes of cane for killing prostitute   Just because the killer was proved to not have the intention to kill and thus, charged with culpable homicide not amounting to murder, he gets away … Continue reading

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Pretty Teeth

My 1st meal after braces! Pretty teeth! Ugh…I need to wear my retainers religiously. My teeth have moved so much when you have this picture to compare. Sob!

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Shame on You-know-who-you-are

The recent expose on the poor girl who was openly groped by 4 men and no one helped her out really touched on how Singaporeans just tend to stand by and do nothing. We may be shy or indifferent but all of … Continue reading

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  Woohoo…I’ve completed my 1st round of 18 holes on the golf course! And…I am bad at it. Haha! A score of 163…as expected.   After the initial bout of nerves, I began to avoid missing the ball and start … Continue reading

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