Shame on You-know-who-you-are

The recent expose on the poor girl who was openly groped by 4 men and no one helped her out really touched on how Singaporeans just tend to stand by and do nothing. We may be shy or indifferent but all of us are flesh and blood with a heart beating in us. Shouldn’t we stand up just for justice and not consider our shyness or indifference? If we are all apathetic, what is going to become of this world with generations to follow being moulded by our mindsets?
In my opinion after watching the video, the girl was trying to get away but the guy grabbing her was too strong for her. She may not have been able to slap the guys because she was drunk and thus, her actions may not be coordinated and strong. Many of us may have experienced the increasing limpness as we get more and more drunk.
It also seems like everyone is focusing on why people are not helping her and on whether the girl is a victim. Something is escaping everyone’s radar. THE DISGUSTING MEN! These men who found it acceptable to grope her openly on a platform. These men who had committed such a illicit act with gusto. These men who found it within themselves to take advantage of a girl, and a drunk one at that. Absolutely rancid! For those whose faces I can see clearly in the video, I can tell they are not locals. Every country has bad people so we do not need more of these to come to our land and commit such dirty acts on our grounds. It may not be this girl whom some say is not a local. It could just be any girl. It is not wrong to attend parties. It is not wrong to wear bikinis at beach parties. We have heard of so many stories where these men molest girls at various countdown parties but I reckon this is the first time it is happening in front of so many people. Don’t allow such people to get away with this when this is happening right in front of you!
Based on what I have read in the newspapers, she may have been attention-seeking in the beginning (flashing her butt after the crowd had egged her on upon seeing her dancing) but this does not mean she is inviting guys to molest her or hoping that guys would grope her. A girl who wants to be appreciated by people does not necessarily want to be appreciated via touches. She may like people to look at her (with platonic appreciation or perverted lust; we shall not go there) but it does not mean she likes to be groped. Flashing her butt is her prerogative and touching people may be the guys’ prerogative but there is a difference here. Flashing her butt does not hurt others (apart from perhaps her parents…). Touching people without their consent hurt them. I cannot accept that people are saying that she deserves it just because she is attention-seeking. It is a heartless comment.
DJ Daniel Ong mentioned in the newspapers that he saw a guy dancing with her and she reciprocated but when more guys joined in and the groping began, she looked "increasingly distressed". One may think otherwise but to me, reciprocating a dance is not an invitation for the guy to grab your breasts. Additionally, if Daniel Ong can see from the stage that she was looking "increasingly distressed", how can the people right below her not see that? How can they continue to film her if they had been doing that because she was dancing well up there?
I do not know why she did not scream for help. I do not have all the answers but I do know that if I was right there witnessing this, I would get my friends to accompany me to push the guys away and not stand there taping the action.
It is not a heroic gesture but a gesture that reflects your knowledge of what is right and wrong and your attitude towards justice.
See the disgusting video here:
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