Farewell to the Old and Hello to the New!

My blog has been neglected while I rushed around with my farewells and tried to find my feet at my new workplace. My ex-colleagues were lovely as they bestowed upon me thoughfully-bought and DIY presents, and ‘wallet fund’ for me to buy my Kate Spade wallet. There’s a sale at M Hotel this Saturday. Hope I’m able to find my wallet there. *Fingers crossed*
I am truly touched by the extent my ex-colleagues demonstrated their care for me, as they bid me farewell in their different ways. Arriving at my new workplace, it’s really quite different, given I need to make new colleagues/friends again. The paperwork is crazy too so I have been ‘self-counselling’. Haha! I’m not really worried as I know God will definitely deliver me. He always does. 🙂
It’s good that I don’t really feel that I have left my old colleagues as I still exchange SMS, chat on the phone and meetup with Yi Ling, and meet up with Ken, Daoyi and Vincent for lunch. Anne and Evelyn are meeting me for lunch tomorrow as well. Nevertheless, I miss everyone and the warm atmosphere I used to revel in. Speaking of meeting up with Yi Ling, I remember our trip to Haji Lane last Saturday. It was my first time there and it’s fantastic in its offbeat way. I loved it! Can’t wait to get the pictures from her. It was a fantastic day with her.
Having started work last Monday, I started falling sick last Wednesday and I finally gave in and took MC today. I reckon the air-con at my new workplace is too low and it’s blowing right at me. Got to speak to the Operations Manager about it again. Dampening sickness and crazy paperwork aside, I’m looking forward to the day that I have grasped everything and be able to put my potential to full use.
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