Blessing in Disguise

Recently, I bit onto a pebble while eating at Dian Xiao Er. My tooth hurt like hell! Feeling like I had chipped my tooth, I went to the dentist and she noted that it’s my filling that had chipped and not my tooth. Hearing that, I was rather comforted. She then removed my remaining filling from that tooth and guess wat? She discovered massive decay inside! Yucks!
The decay had caused my teeth inside to become soft and orange. Eew…When she had fully removed the "soft teeth", she showed me the tooth via the mirror and I saw a big hole in the middle of my tooth. Can’t even really see the base of that hole! As she removed the "soft teeth" from the hole created by the decay, I had the weirdest feeling which was due to the close proximity to my nerves! I could feel her poking around inside, ‘touching’ my nerves! Gosh…When she was putting the medicine inside, followed by adding the filling, she told me that I would need to get root canal treatment done if my tooth hurts badly in the coming months.
This means that if that tooth didn’t bite onto a pebble, I wouldn’t discover this crazy situation going on inside that tooth and would have faced bad bad toothache followed by the imminent root canal treatment!
Thank God! Really God’s grace…
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