New Lease of Life at Work

Yay! I can’t wait for Monday to come around when my new colleague will arrive. I have even cleaned her table for her so that when she arrives, she won’t feel like I did when I first joined. My table was messy and dirty and I didn’t have proper stationery and equipment ready for me.
A new colleague means an additional pair of hands and mouth to attend to the various tasks at work. Although before she can be fully functional, I will have to juggle my work and mentoring her and that would mean more load, I am still really happy as I can see that the light at the end of the tunnel is near.
Work is exciting as I have so many campaigns running. I just feel really unequipped as the company is so big and there are so many procedures that you will truly need time to get to know. There are some procedures that I can only get acquainted with if certain circumstances arise. Tha’s why I need to give myself time. Breathe. Smile. Be gorgeous. 🙂
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