Moved House

Yay! I have moved house to WordPress. Definitely an upgrade. 🙂

It has been a long while since I last blogged. My new colleague has joined me for about 1 month and work is still crazy as my big event is coming up. So much money and effort for just 1 day but that’s just how it is! If you stay near Bukit Panjang Plaza, you have to go down on 30 October 2010 (Saturday) for Halloween Madness EARLY! Spend $100 and get to choose amongst the following:

buy $10 worth of NTUC vouchers for 10 cents; or
buy Alcom Cordless Phone for $1; or
buy Canon Selphy Photo Printer for $10

There are other cool stuff as well, such as getting free McDonald’s ice cream cone when you spend just $1. That’s why it’s Halloween MADNESS. If you ask why Halloween, we are just riding this to role out our crazy stuff. Haha! You will see 10 costumed characters around the mall as they are part of the Amazing Stamp Game that kids can participate in. Fun, fun, fun!

Bukit Panjang Plaza shopping centre.

Image via Wikipedia

Since I started in my new job, I have gotten in touch with so many more mediums of marketing that I was not able to do for my previous job. I am truly grateful for the opportunity that God has presented me with. Sad though, that my boss has left. Teared even though I had worked with her for only about 5 months. She is great. Oh well, in the words of my GM, I shall “auto-pilot until after CNY”.

Exciting stuff that I am rolling out next year, but time is a luxury I don’t have. Fortunately, I have my new colleague at my mall so I am no longer fighting battles alone. I am also glad that my marketing colleagues are lovely people.

BTW, it’s such a small world. My new colleague was actually my lecture mate in uni and we also have mutual friends from not only uni, but outside as well.

Yawn…have been sick for almost 2 weeks. Gotta sleep…otherwise, I shall never get well.


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