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As I Seek to Grow Spiritually

May apostle Paul’s words be my motivation as I seek to grow in my Christian life: I pray that from His glorious, unlimited resources [God] will give you mighty inner strength through His Holy Spirit. And I pray that Christ … Continue reading

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AirAsia’s Smart Marketing

With all the bad press Tiger Airways is getting these days due to its cancellation of flights, AirAsia decides to ride the wave and roll out this smart campaign. This smells of another Pepsi and Coca-Cola… Choose AirAsia. Guaranteed to … Continue reading

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Choose a Bag!

Need comments here! Which of the following do you like better AND is suitable for work? 1st or 2nd?  

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DBIT Homecoming

Just signed up for “Celebrating DBIT 10th Anniversary”. Homecoming is another excuse for everyone to get together, chill¬†and hang out. Although it is just a two-hour gig, it is a promise of a good night because when the dinner ends … Continue reading

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Songs From Long Ago

Last Sunday, there were 5 songs sang in church service and some of them were songs that I love soooo much but haven’t sung in such a long time! Here are 2 of them. May you taste the sweetness of … Continue reading

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Phone Power

I have been increasing the frequency of blogging nowadays as I have my white blackberry, aka whiteberry, aka WB. Apart from that, I can check my mail on the go. Even on the train, I can read up on market … Continue reading

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Rocking It!

I love rocking it out in the car, be it when I’m driving or just being a passenger. Blast the music! Good dance music in the cab wakes me up in time for work:) Have been meeting my friends for … Continue reading

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Reminded of You

When I was at KTV the night before, I saw a MTV showing a couple carving their names on a tree and I remembered what you did at Brunei. During my 1st meal of the day just now, I couldn’t … Continue reading

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Living a Little

From time to time, I get to claw my way out from my workplace to live a little. Watching tv or surfing net are luxuries I cherish. The time hanging out with my family, boyfriend and friends is precious. Today, … Continue reading

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