Chillax Sunday

A relaxed Sunday spent with my sister, Ting and Flor at Soup Spoon followed by an enjoyable musical showcase at Esplanade.

My sister’s friends had supported their friend who is the singer-songwriter, Vanessa Faith, by lending their vocals and instrumental talents at this showcase. Hence, my sister is there to show her support.

Vanessa Faith is an apprentice of Noise Singapore. Her voice is really nice and according to her biography, she is really talented! 

Vanessa Faith’s biography
Vanessa found her immense love for song composition at the age of 14 with self-taught guitar and keyboards, turning her pieces of reflective lyrics into heartfelt songs. Today, Vanessa plays the guitar, keyboards, ukulele, xylophone and harmonica, and adds colour and freshness to her music with expanded instrumentation. She believes that good music speak in ways that words fail to. She aims to release her debut EP this year.

Talented right? She can not only compose songs, she also knows how to play so many instruments! Looking forward to more great songs from this girl~

This is the link to some of her songs.

About Noise Singapore
Noise Singapore, a youth arts festival dedicated to creating noise about the creative talents of youths aged 35 and below, is an initiative of the National Arts Council. Through various platforms designed to provide youths with the opportunities to express, develop and showcase their creativity, Noise Singapore hopes to encourage young people in Singapore to actively participate and nurture their relationship with the arts, as well as get them spotted for their budding abilities.

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