Button Obsession

Have you noticed some people, especially the older folks, love to press a ‘button’ such as a lift button several times at one go?

While I was standing at the taxi stand today, I saw a lady pressing the button that is linked electronically to the taxi signage that lights up so that taxis coming by would turn into the shopping mall’s taxi stand because they know there is at least one person who needs a taxi. She pressed the button many times in quick succession. It’s as if pressing the button many times quickly would send the electronic signals to the signage faster and it would transmit vibes to taxi drivers in the area to come by and pick her up! When I saw this, I started thinking about the many times I saw people pressing the lift button more than once while waiting for the lift to arrive or when they get inside the lift to go to their desired storey. So amusing!

Sometimes, it’s not that these people don’t know it doesn’t work this way. It’s already a habit. A bad habit. I can understand when old folks do that. They just need educating. old habits die hard though.

Just musing about the button-obsessed folks here. 🙂

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